May 17, 2016 Mike

2016 Browning Marean ILTACON Scholarship Award

Anyone who knew Browning Marean would have known him as a true ambassador of electronic discovery and of technology in general. One would not always make that connection upon meeting him. Browning had this wise, elder, grandfatherly thing about him. Not that he was old or anything; he was young, frankly, in the mind. It’s funny, because he was just as comfortable reciting Shakespeare as he was the latest e-discovery case holding.
I met Browning in a Chicago airport while we were both laid over for connecting flights. I was on my way to Phoenix and he to Europe. I knew him; he did not know me, or so I thought. He actually recognized me, waved me over to his table in the food court and said “didn’t I recently see you on a panel discussion . . .” Of course, I knew he had. But what surprised me is that he remembered. We talked for the next 45 minutes and we became fast friends. It’s the kind of man he was –always eager to meet folks, share his wisdom, and his Browning-isms. I’ve thought a lot about how to honor this generous and genuine man, someone I and many others considered a friend, but every time I thought I had an idea, somehow it fell short of the honor he deserved.
So, when I saw that ILTA is offering a scholarship in Browning’s name for attendance at their annual conference, I figured the least I can do is post something about the scholarship and pass on the link for registration in the hope someone who aspires to work in the business Browning enjoyed so much will apply and attend this year’s educational conference.
ILTA has established two scholarships to ILTACON, one for individuals who live and work in the U.S. and one for those outside the U.S. These scholarships are targeted to professionals who work within the E-Discovery/Litigation Technology and Support field.
Asked about his experience, last year’s U.S. recipient, Alex Ponce de Leon from Google, said that “winning the Browning Marean scholarship was a fantastic way for me to attend ILTACON and increase my involvement in a great organization. I was able to bring back and share the latest developments in the law and technology with my colleagues at Google.” And Matthew Golab from Sydney, Australia, last year’s recipient of the international scholarship, said that “it’s hard to put into words the experience of attending ILTACON as there are so many highlights…. There were many times when I wished I could attend several sessions running at the same time….Another highlight is . . . seeing the founders and owners of many key systems that we use in our industry, as well as many industry luminaries, and being able to introduce myself to them and have a chat.”
The application process is straightforward and painless to complete. Apply today! You’ll be glad you did. You may access the ITLACON scholarship application here: Scholarship Application

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